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For one guy your animation is brilliant. It was a really cute idea and you put it across woderfully. Plus, this one was really long compared to your earlier stuff!

That was really good. You certainly got the message across. Your artstyle is gorgeous, by the way. It would be nice to see something longer some time.

KiWiArts responds:

Would love to. But you never know what and when life throws at you sometimes. So it's always hard to find time for passion projects like this.

Besides I'm pretty much a 'one man show' so an animation like this, with 15fps and every frame being hand drawn, it’s kinda hard to get a long animation done in a reasonable time.
But I will try when possible to return your appreciation for my animation somehow.
( ゚Д゚)b

That was just... good.... I can't really describe it. It was very, erm, real. Yes, that's it, very real!
Jokes apart, that was a very good piece of animation, too short though! =P
Yours sincerely, a very bored composer looking for work.

JaceC responds:

You are too kind! I have something longer in the making, it's a quite similar.

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This was awesome. The music was awesome, it looked awesome and it felt awesome. Good job, it really shows what something like Flixel can be used to make. Kudos. The only improvement would be a longer, fully-fledged game but how often do you have to say that on NG....

For such a short game it had a hell of a lot packed in! The graphics were actually really good, the music was awesome and the controls were cool. The only thing I can wish for was that it was actually a full game, story and all.... What were those goddamned robots doing!?!?!?

This game was cool, creepy and the moral system was lovely. The good ending was beautiful (I never saw the bad ending =3) and I really enjoyed it, receiving it felt like an achievement. The only thing that could make this game better would be having it rendered in full 3D or something but to tell the truth the 16-bit graphics were part of the experience for me!

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